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本公司长期为跨国公司高层、知名公众人士和个人提供VIP安全顾问及多种专业保镖护卫安全事务管理服务.Professional security, entrepreneurs, celebrities, movie star, family, enterprise, team of the person and the property safety.The company's long-term for Multi-National Corporation, well-known high-level public and individuals to provide VIP security consultant and a variety of professional bodyguards secure transaction management services.

一、保镖业务范围分类: A、私人、商务贴身类特卫;B、会议、活动机动类特卫;C、守护、看押类特卫;D、长期驻地类安全保镖。 Range: A classification, private business, close-fitting Tyvek; B, meetings, activities of motor Tyvek; C, protect, guard class Tyvek; D, long-term resident security bodyguard.

A 类:1、私人安全贴身保镖——主要负责个人人身安全;2、商务安全贴身保镖——除负责个人人身安外,还负责处理日常安排简单文秘工作及驾驶等;3、家政保镖——除负责家庭个人人身安全,其中包括接送子女上学下学、主人日常交际活动。Consultant services:
A: 1, private security bodyguard -- primarily responsible for personal safety; 2, business security bodyguard -- in addition to the personal,, also responsible for handling routine simple clerical work and driving; 3, in charge of the family home guards -- personal safety, including shuttle children school, school master daily communication.
B 类:1、常规场地保镖——普通环境保镖;2、特殊场地保镖——如新闻发布会、演出、演唱会等大型场地活动保镖;3、路途车辆保镖——机场、火车站、汽车站、港口码头等场所的车辆接送行进中的安全防护;4、场地作秀保镖——如一些需要保镖人员的展览展示会等场所现场的保镖。
The B class: 1, regular site bodyguard -- general environment bodyguard; 2, special site bodyguard -- such as press conferences, performances, concerts and other large venue bodyguard; 3, road vehicle bodyguard -- airport, train stations, ports and other places of the car running safety protection; 4, the site show bodyguard -- as some need bodyguards' exhibitions in places such as the bodyguard.
C 类:1、贵重物品路途车辆保镖护运;2、贵重物品场地保镖守护。
The C class: 1 bodyguards, valuables road vehicle transport; 2, valuables site bodyguard to guard.
D 类:长期驻地保镖(私宅、别墅、物业、私人俱乐部、休闲中心等场所)私人贴身保镖
Class D: long-term resident bodyguard (private houses, villas, property, private clubs, recreation centers and other places) private bodyguard

1、从心理素质上讲,女性比男性更适宜在保镖行业里活动,首先在事情的好坏作出判断之前,女性一般会先作出自我保护的计策,不至于一时冲动而作出不必要的付出和牺牲;1, the psychological quality, more women than men in the bodyguard for industry activity, first on a good thing before the judge, the female is usually the first to make self protection strategy, not impulse to make unnecessary effort and sacrifice;
2 、女性通过专业训练和良好的保镖教育之后,在心理上的责任感和承受能力要超越男性,更适宜从事不露声色的保镖工作;In 2, the female through professional training and good security education, in the psychological sense of responsibility and ability to transcend men, more suitable for the work of not show one's feelings
3 、女性的自悟性和自觉性比男性要好,更具有客观分析和综合分析研究的天赋,具有复杂问题的应变和处理能力;3, female self understanding and self-consciousness fared better than men, more objective and comprehensive analysis on talent, has a complex problem of strain and treatment capacity;
4 、女性天生丽质、乖巧善变,不露锋芒、性格特点,更容易被雇主接受和信任,从而能更好的完成保镖工作;4, female, a born beauty cute fickle, hide one's candle under a bushel, personality characteristics, more easily by employers to accept and trust, so that it can better complete the bouncer;
5 、女性善于察言观色、逢场作戏、灵活应变、撒谎撒娇,具有天生的演员才能,更容易不动拳脚而击败对手;5, female is good at running, find amusement when the occasion arises, flexible, lie coquetry, born with the actor can more easily move, fist and beat the opponent;6 、女性具有天生的排异和排他性格,更容易识别对方的阴谋,以作好防卫准备;
6, women are born with rejection and exclusive character, easier to recognize each other's plot, in order to prepare defensive preparations;
7 、女性的特定身份和聪敏秀慧,更能让对方的排斥性和戒备心削弱,以占据取胜的优势;7, women's specific identity and smart Wai, can let each other's rejection and alert mind weaken, to occupy the advantages of victory
8 、女性在保镖工作中与男雇主一起,也是一种男女搭配的优化组合,更能为开展保镖工作创造顺利和无障碍条件;In 8, female bodyguard work with male employers together, is also a kind of men and women with optimized combination, can carry out a bouncer to create smooth and accessibility conditions;
9 、女性在保镖工作中与女雇主一起,由于女性的争强好胜,更能在工作中做出成绩,被女雇主爱戴有加。女子保镖凭借着女人的特殊身份和机敏,更为社会保镖业界所需求。In 9, female bodyguard work with female employers together, since women seek to prevail over others, but can work to make the grade, was delighted with the employer.Women bodyguard with a woman's special status and alert, more social security industry demand.

警犬护卫护卫服务保安犬介绍:保安犬作为警犬的一种,它之所以能够接受训练并用于安全防范,是由于它具有高度发达的神经系统,敏锐的嗅、视、听等分析器官,凶猛的咬斗力,坚强的忍耐 性,对人的特殊依恋性和敏捷的驰骋力等性能。它不仅对犯罪分子具有威慑作用,而且对搜索、追捕具有人所无法比拟的作用。据考证,远在公元前4600年,犬 就被用来从事守卫堡垒和警戒等军事活动。和平时期,尽管科学技术迅猛发展,但世界各国的军队、警界对犬的使用却更加广泛。使用保安犬可以提高巡逻质量,增 加安全系数,震慑犯罪行为,提高工作效率。业务介绍:我公司现拥有大量经培训合格的保安犬、防暴犬、搜爆犬等用于出租,我们将以优质的服务,低廉的价格,规范的管理为贵单位提供安全保卫服务,愿我们良好的服 务为贵单位的发展增添一份力量。用途:保安犬:为厂矿企事业单位、大型展览、展销提供巡逻守护;为贵重物品押运提供护卫。防暴犬:为大型体育赛事、文娱演出提供现场秩序维护,防止暴乱发生。 Dog guard guard services security dogs: Security dogs as a dog, it is able to receive training for security, because it has a highly developed nervous system, keen olfactory, visual, auditory analysis of organ, fierce fighting force, strong tolerance, the special attachment and quick driving force performance.It is not only the criminal acts as a deterrent, but also to search, Chase has the incomparable role.According to research, in the 4600 BC, breed was used to defend the fort and alert and engaged in military activities.In times of peace, despite the rapid development of science and technology, but the world's army, police dog is used more widely.The use of security patrol dogs can improve quality, increase the safety coefficient, to deter crime, improve work efficiency.Business introduction: our company has a large number of trained dog, riot dogs, explosive dogs for rent, we will be high-quality service, low price, standardized management for the expensive unit to provide security services, we would like good service for the expensive unit's development to add a source of strength.Purpose: Security dogs: for factories and enterprises, large-scale exhibition, exhibition to provide patrol guard; to provide convoy escorted valuables.Riot dogs: for major sports events, cultural performances to provide on-site maintenance of order, to prevent riots.